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Asian Paper Maker for Handmade Paper& Saa Paper

The Circle Source Philosophy

Our products expand not only a basic paper but also various kinds of pattern and style. The product lines provide you a various goods; notebooks, letter sets, boxes, paper bags, folders, etc.

Our aim is to gain the best of papers and fibers in an ecological way

Circle Source Paper

Circle Source Paper company proudly presents you the best natural paper and paper products under the influence of the company philosophy Nature demands Nature. We supply Decorative Paper, Flower Paper, Japanese Paper, and Artist Paper. All available in our online paper shop. We use our knowledge to create a limitless rage of papers, designs and textures.

Natural Papers

Circle Source always thinking about new ideas and processes for short-lived products to stop over-exploitation of our planet. In the field of paper products Circle Source leads the way : We try to get the most out of the cycle of nature without disturbing it to make beautiful products with and from nature. This is our goal, which is company philosophy of Circle Source Paper.

Nature demands Nature

By expertly using Fibers from fast growing crops such as Kozo, Saa, Banana, Salago, Sugarcane, and Daphnepapyferra, we archive harmony and diversity in a wide range of nature paper as Banana Paper, Sugarcane Paper, and others Asia Papers. Those are also highly regenerative as well as fully biodegradable.

100% Saa Fiber

100% Saa fiber excellent in term of quality. No other mixed fiber can compare.
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